What is performance coaching?

Performance coaching is body language and voice training that teaches you how to feel and project confidence in everyday communication and high-stakes situations in the workplace.

As a trained actress, I teach you tools and techniques to increase your confidence and presence from the inside out, and to develop an effective and powerful communication style.

How does it work?

During one-on-one sessions, I teach you how to consciously use you body and voice to make the sale, land the job, get the promotion or win the client.

In workshops and trainings, I teach your employees how to amplify the value of your company with body language and vocal choices. I bolster their skill sets with new techniques that increase their confidence in themselves and their ability to clearly and confidently deliver their ideas.

Who are your clients? 

Performance coaching is a fairly new field. It can be referred to as public speaking coaching, but it goes deeper than that. Performance coaching can change your dynamic with your colleagues at work, as well as your effectiveness in your personal life. In order to illustrate the process, here are a few client narratives.

“In my review I was told I need executive presence.”

For all his accomplishments and experience, Leo still felt and appeared as junior to the senior leadership. When Leo asked why he didn’t get a particular promotion, he was told that he lacked executive presence. Leo’s intuition told him that an acting-based skill set could help him achieve his goals.

We turned executive presence from an idea to a practice.

Leo’s Toolkit:
  • Deep breathing to increase awareness
  • Conscious use of pausing
  • A powerful seated and standing position
  • Morning focus and meditation routine

“Nobody listens to my ideas.”


Judi is employed at a highly respected law firm in San Francisco and on track to becoming partner. The problem was, Judi felt like she disappeared in meetings, in front of clients, and even in casual conversations. She wanted to find out how she could become more assertive, speak up in important meetings, and for her ideas to make an impact and be heard.


Judi needed to work on her internal story and her external expression.

Judi’s Toolkit:
  • Deep breathing to increase awareness
  • A personal, clear and attainable definition of leadership
  • Ways to deal with her inner critic
  • New communication strategy to make sure she is heard by her co-workers and loved ones.