Performance Coaching:

With Rebecca Martin

Performance Coaching is one-on-one voice and body training that gives you the tools to project confidence and competence in speaking and body language, and guides you to achieve your goals of an authentic and powerful leadership presence. 

Why do I need a Performance Coach?

Increase your leadership presence and unleash your unique charisma.

Use body language that is powerful and connects you to your clients.

Find the resonance and timbre of your authentic, powerful voice.

Clarify your communication strategies.

Distill and craft the journey of your content so that your audience listens.

Who is a good candidate for performance coaching?

Are you…

  • Job hunting and not landing the jobs that you deserve?
  • Not receiving the promotions for which you are qualified?
  • Dealing one on one with the public and not able to get them on your side?
  • Not making the in person or over the phone sales that you need to be?
  • Pitching your idea to an investor and having an experience that they’ve made up their mind before you even warmed up?

Are you a company…

  • In elite staffing and your candidates are not making the best first impression or landing the jobs for which they are qualified?
  • And your staff is not as professional with clients and effective in in-person sales as you wish them to be?
  • Or your team is suffering from lack of knowledge as to how to present their ideas to potential investors?


Look no further, I am here to help you achieve your goals. 

In one-on-one sessions, I help you to stop sabotaging yourself, so that people can ultimately see your skill-set and qualifications and hear your ideas and message.

I teach you how to consciously use your body and voice to set yourself up for success, so that you can make the sale, land the job, get the promotion or win the client.

In workshops and organizational trainings, I teach your clients or candidates how to step out of their own way, so their ideas and their qualifications are heard. I then teach them the fundamentals of performance–how to consciously use their body language and vocal dynamics to make the highest impact on their audience.

Through our work together you will see lasting change. And, you will find more joy, confidence and flow in your work and in your daily life and relationships. 

Schedule: To schedule a free phone consultation with Rebecca, click here. To sign up for an initial session and begin the process of your transformation, click here

What others are saying about Rebecca

“Rebecca has a natural ability to tap the potential of people in groups. I’ve seen her work with diverse, and seemingly disparate combinations of people, and through the use of games and play, bring them to a high level of cohesion and bonding. When workplace groups become energized, heightened cooperation and collaboration follow. I recommend Serious Play for businesses looking for esprit de corp within teams.”
-Lauren Elliott, CPCC, Executive Coach, Solstice Coaching and Consulting

“Rebecca Martin has assisted me with my transformational workshops at Esalen Institute for over five years. I cannot overstate the experience of support and trust that I have of her, or the joy she brings to the group. process Rebecca is “a 100% player” and her skill and commitment in a leadership position, inspires all those she works with.”
-Paula Shaw, Actress, Master Teacher of International self-expression course, “The Max”

“I highly recommend coaching with Rebecca. She gave me fundamental techniques to project and see immediate results. Her feedback on practice questions for my oral interview was insightful and spot-on. She also gave me additional focus and solidified my key points.”
-Stephanie Wong, Architect at Geddes Ulinskas Architects

“Rebecca Martin really knows how to work creatively with a group of varied individuals. I have work with her closely for several years and have many times seen her draw people out in a way that was challenging but sensitive to their needs and inhibitions. She has great imagination and wonderful intuition, and is non-judgmental and caring. Her very extensive theater and improvisational experience give her a huge tool kit with which to approach her professional work.”
-June Cooperman, MD, choreographer in SF, CA

Rebecca is welcoming, talented, powerful, and insightful.  Every year Rebecca is a guest speaker in my classroom and provides valuable information to the class as well as pertinent, one-on-one assessments to the students as to how they come across to others in a (demanding) professional environment.  She delivers practical advice that can be instituted immediately. With Rebecca’s coaching my students have become more confident, poised, and articulate.  I give Rebecca my highest recommendation.

–Mari Overbeck, Adjunct Professor, UC Hastings College of the Law