How to use body language to win over your audience

When you walk into a room, your energetic presence has power. But your body language might be undercutting your authority, sending the wrong signals, and distracting your audience from hearing your message.

When we present, eighty percent of our communication happens through our body language and the tone of our voice. Yet most of us don’t have the foundational awareness of what our bodies are communicating in our life, at work, and especially when we are giving presentations.

In order to become a more powerful communicator and dynamic speaker, it is important to frst bring awareness to the messages that your body currently projects.Then, learn to harness the power of your presence and fnally, use your body and voice in a way that helps your audience to hear, be excited, and moved to action by your message.

During my talk you will learn:

  1. How to let go of nerves with a warmup, and send your body positive signals of confdence and ease throughout your presentation.

  2. What you naturally project: Your presence, your charisma and your “superpower.”

  3. How to decode the messages your body language and the tone of your voice sends to your


  4. Specifc body language tools you can efectively put to use immediately.

  5. The ways in which your power as a presenter can exponentially increase.